• About ECO Services As an ISO 9001:2008 recognized organization, ECO Services partners the imaging and branding of a wide range of its corporate clients through maintaining the most hygienic and attractive environment at their work places. Our pest control and cleaning services are also well utilized by residential consumers. A proud member of National Pest Management Association (NPMA), ECO Services has an established recognition for its services among a diverse clientele. Mission To be the service provider of choice by understanding the needs of our valuable clients and meet their expectations in terms of time, cost and quality. Vision Respect…

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  • ECO Services, an ISO 9001:2008 recognized organization, is the new and innovative generation of solution provider for pest control fumigation services, cleaning services & other pest control issues, fulfilling the needs of hygiene maintenance and image branding of the rapidly growing corporate and industrial sector. A wide range of residential units are also facilitated by us. The workforce of ECO Services specializes in particular fumigation services and cleaning requirements by industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Banks, Multinationals, Restaurants and Hotels, Food Factories, Packaging Companies and Mills, Manufacturing units, cold storage areas, public spaces like Cinemas and Shopping malls, along with a wide range of commercial units. ECO Services use state of the art equipment and method to cover all kinds and sizes of business units, we use approved and certified chemicals to ensure the quality and safety at the same time. Professional application and certified chemicals can reduce the infestation and increase control over pest and diseases. Our prime focus is to provide safe & effective general fumigation, termite control, rats control and all other pesticides issues. We ensure all safety measure before service and work according to SOP, we have expertise to apply all professional and effective methods for successful pest management.

  • ECO Services partners with its clients in an ongoing decision making process. Beginning from clients' inquiry (long term contract or rush job), our pre-service consultancy devises a strategy based on long term solutions for pest activity, infestation and general cleaning. The clients are suggested with authentic, safe and internationally acclaimed chemicals for application on their site. According to the requirement, a team of well-equipped workers is assigned for the task; both the equipment and workers are aligned on strict safety methods. ECO Services' job does not end here; we take complete charge of post-service evaluation and monitoring of the site and diligently attend any complaints. Our services are under warranty.